Who We Are

Our department specializes in Agricultural Technology -  handling everything Precision Ag related, as well as Decision Ag, and Internet of Things (IoT).  We follow Ag trends, ensuring we keep our farmer members as well as our neighboring cooperatives up to date in the ever-evolving changes in technology as a participating MZB dealer and mapping center.  



Special Announcement

MZB Delivers Precision Ag Technology to

Three Kansas Cooperatives.

Read the news release HERE.


Moving Forward Together:  For Future Generations




  Michael Kempke, Director of Precision Ag
Cell: 620-271-3446
Email: mkempke@gccoop.com


  Bryan Moser, Precision Ag Specialist
Cell: 620-640-4573
Email: bmoser@gccoop.com



Brady Eakes, Precision Ag Specialist
Cell: 620-655-2777
Email: beakes@gccoop.com

Products & Services Offered

We are now an MZB Mapping Center.  

Contact us to see how MZB can work in your field.








AquaCheck Sensor Demonstration

GCC Director of Precision Ag, Michael Kempke, demonstrates the AquaCheck sensors used in the Precision Ag Team's toolkit at a water sensor field demonstration earlier this spring.

Video courtesy OSU's Division of Ag Sciences and Natural Resources.




GCC Ag Moment:  MZB's Variable Rate Seeding

 Brady Eakes from the Garden City Co-op's Precision Ag Department explains how MZB's Variable Rate Seeding works and the benefits the program offers.  

To see how it could work in your field, contact your local agronomist at the Garden City Co-op.





Precision Ag: Productivity
April 26, 2016

Get more productivity out of your fields by contacting a member of your Garden City Co-op's Precision Ag team.