Comparison test showing no treatment (left) and In-Furrow Iron application (right).  Photo by Trevor Witt.
With growing demand and markets favoring soybeans, farmers have shifted more of their acreage to soybean production these last few years, but higher pH values in soil can make it difficult to maximize yields with the common problem of Iron Deficiency Chlorosis (IDC).  
GCC Sales Manager and Agronomist, Trevor Witt works with farmers south of Garden City, based out of the Plymell Crop Production office alongside Eric Konrade. Witt explained that they had been utilizing in-furrow iron applications these last few years and the results have been very noticeable in comparison tests, with treated beans showing higher yields.  Witt says when using in-row iron applications to use an EDDHA chelated iron treatment.  EDDHA is a chelating agent that allows the iron to be less likely to be tied up in the soil and more available to the bean plant for a longer period of time to use as the plant needs it. 
Though there are many ways to apply, Witt says, "The most efficient way to put it on is with in-furrow treatment with your planter," which places the iron application as close to the seed as possible.  The other methods are 2x2 with your fertilizer, or if no fertilizer is desired it can be applied with water.  For certain spots in your field, another option is to use variable rate for application.  Contact our GCC Precision Ag Specialists for help in setting up your field if this is the option you're considering. For other options, call your local GCC sales manager/agronomist.  
Another topic surrounding soybeans is treating with Dicamba.  If you are planning to apply Engenia or Xtendimax, per new federal regulations, you must have completed a Dicamba certification course before making those applications.  The course is available online at:  https://training.roundupreadyxtend.com 
If you will not be able to complete the certification, your Garden City Co-op has applicators who are current on these certifications and can apply them for you.  Contact your local sales manager & agronomist for more information at 620-275-6161.
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