Human Resources and Administrative Services Manager, Caroline Duvall has retired from the Garden City Co-op.  A luncheon was held in her honor Friday at the Garden City Co-op Center.  Duvall was with the Co-op thirteen years.  

CEO and General Manger Jeff Boyd said "The culture change that has happened here since John and Caroline transformed this office and this company's culture has been tremendous.  Caroline's willingness to care about people - our employees, making sure that they enjoy their job and want to come to work here - it's all because of her and her heart and her appreciation for all of us."

Chairman of the Board, Tyler Hands spoke about his father introducing him to Duvall among other important people to know (his father also served on the GCC board).  "This is the most important person at the co-op" Hands' father instructed, "You will refer to her as your boss."  Hands continued,  "She literally makes everything flawless.  And I know she does it for the co-op here, but for the board, we didn't have to worry about anything," 

Former Ulysses Accounting Clerk, Holly Cowan has been training with Duvall for the last several weeks and will begin her new role officially April 1st. Cowan has a background in Psychology and is working towards her Master's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Kansas State University. 

We thank Caroline for her many years of dedicated service to the members, board and staff of the Garden City Co-op and congratulate her on her well deserved retirement and congratulate Holly on her new position.