Milo Delays

Getting farmers dumped at our elevators and back in the fields has always been our number one priority.  These recent super productive harvests have thrown a lot of challenges our way in which we have met and adapted with every harvest in order to get more efficient for the next one.  That is why we have invested in two new bunkers:  one at Deerfield and one at Rock Island as well as a couple new stackers, with the one at Lowe handling the heaviest volume of traffic being able to process 30,000 bushels per hour.

This year we had an early freeze which matured the milo enough for harvest in October and while we normally would have time to empty corn to prepare for milo harvest, we are faced with a large corn and milo crop at the same time.  As corn harvest winds down we will be moving corn out of the bins and turning them over for milo storage as soon as we can.  

The unfortunate reality of the milo situation (that is affecting everyone), however, is with export markets.  This year with the Chinese tariffs, we do not have the ability to ship out milo like we have the last few years.  Therefore, milo space is going to be at a premium in milo producing areas because we have no market to quickly move it out. Local milo markets are committed into late winter as well.  

***Please contact your local elevator as our ability to take in milo can change hourly.****
We are moving grain around our whole storage system and utilizing our ground piles to facilitate dumping trucks.  We ask for your patience as we work through a dual high yielding corn and milo harvest, coupled with foreign diplomacy issues. 

Thank you.