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Bayer Plus Rewards Program

Jul 29, 2020


Bayer Plus Rewards Program

Now you can choose from a broader portfolio of products to help you make the most of every acre—and watch your rewards grow.
  •  FARMERS MUST ENROLL TO QUALIFY!  This is mandatory – Bayer Plus does not automatically just pay out.  You must enroll using your current business/farm address, email address, and Tech ID number.
  • The enrollment period is through August 31, 2020.  If you enroll by then, all your qualified purchases of Bayer products will count retroactively to September 1, 2019. 
  • Do NOT wait until August 31!  Make sure Bayer has plenty of time to deal with issues that arise such as getting a Tech ID for customers that don’t have them or getting expired Tech ID numbers reactivated.  Many times this can take a week or more.
  • Farmers must have at least $1,500 in Bayer PLUS Rewards rebates at the time of redemption to claim incentive.  This is very important – if a farmer only earns $1,499 under the Bayer Plus Rewards program, he or she will not be paid.  This is a great opportunity to make sure you maximize your rewards by utilizing extra Bayer products such as Delaro or Absolute Maxx fungicides, Oberon Insecticide/Miticide, Olympus 70DF Herbicide as a pre-emerge treatment for brome grass in wheat, etc.  Please make sure to maximize your PowerMAX/RT3 rebates by buying at least 32 ounces for each qualifying purchase of a Bayer Selective Herbicide such as Balance Flexx (4 oz.), DiFlexx (8 oz.), Laudis (3 oz.), etc.  Each quart of PowerMAX/RT3 matched with a qualifying Bayer herbicide earns you a $2 rebate – equivalent to $8/gallon!   
  • Make sure to log into your account as soon as possible to verify all purchases are there.  We have run into situations where farmers have purchases of qualifying Bayer products, but the sales were reported to the wrong Tech ID or the farmers have multiple Tech ID’s and purchases were reported to different Tech ID’s. This is especially common if farmers are purchasing from multiple retailers or if they purchased Dekalb seed from one retailer and BCS Crop Protection products from another retailer.  Bayer can fix this by grouping these into a farm unit grouping. 

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