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GCC Insight: Ag Tech Subscription Offering

Feb 18, 2019

The Ag Tech Team has a new subscription offering for the 2019 growing season.  Brady Eakes, Precision Ag Specialist, says there are currently 33 farms enrolled in the program, equating to over 155,000 acres, which makes for a very busy ag tech team. There are three main tools being utilized in this subscription. 

Field Reveal (Pre-Season)

With Field Reveal, zones are created using a veris machine towed behind a pickup truck that runs back and forth across a field which maps out things like electrical conductivity and rtk elevation.  This, in turn, shows the different soil textures and types that exist in any given field.  

This is then blended with historical ten meter NDVI satellite imagery data that helps determine the high, medium and low yield producing zones.  This allows these areas to be farmed separate from one another, rather than a blanket approach and apply different rates of fertilizer or seed, for instance, to maximize yield where it will have the greatest potential.  

"This, to me, is especially important when corn is still around that three - fifty to four dollar mark and margins are tight," said Eakes.

R7 Tool (In-Season)

This gives a look at the fields via satellite imagery and allows agronomists an overhead view of their fields each day to be able to see the changes without necessarily having to go out and check every acre.  "This has really helped the agronomists with their directive scouting as far as where do they head to go look for something if something is showing up on the images for disease or really anything that could cause a problem for that field" Eakes notes.  

Ag Solver (Post Season)

The Ag Solver tool brings everything together and analyzes all the historical data collected throughout the year in addition to the expenses incurred and the ag tech team can help personalize a budget going forward based on the data collected.  "We can...look at the profits by zones...showing how each one of those zones did.  Did you make money, did you lose money on that acre? And then, really you can start looking at the ROI on each zone" said Eakes.  He stated further that one of the biggest advantages of this tool was the ability to bring the grain department into the conversation to look at the contracts available and see what would be the best fit for the grower and their risk management, using their new data collection and budget as a guide.  

To see how this subscription could work for your operation, contact your Garden City Co-op today.  

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