Understanding your soil nutrient needs requires a deeper understanding than a mere ground level approach.

Fall harvest season is underway across the Garden City Co-op territory.  At the same time, the GCC Precision Ag team has been busy running fields and plotting zone maps for members.  With this data, the team can then conduct soil sampling tests, since each zone is uniquely different in their characteristics and have their own yield potentials. 

"Soil fertility is one of the most important factors to help raise a productive crop, yet most farmers only have a general idea of their soil nutrient needs," says Brady Eakes, Precision Ag Specialist with the Garden City Co-op.  "Not fully understanding what your soil holds can be costly due to lost production, or unnecessary fertilizer applications."

At a time when every penny counts in these tight margins, the Precision Ag team has fertilizer solutions available for just a few dollars an acre that can cost up to $100/acre otherwise. 

Many farmers had the foresight to ramp up their fertility levels while commodity prices were higher thereby giving them the confidence to rein in the cost of production with thorough, accurate and reliable soil testing. 

"One of our primary goals at the Garden City Co-op is to help our member remain profitable and soil sampling is a great way to help do that,"  Eakes said. 

Contact your local precision ag specialist or agronomist with any further questions on this or other concerns by calling us 620-275-6161.