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Wheat Seed Treatment

Aug 09, 2018

Manage Pests and Get Better Stands With Our Wheat Seed Treatment Offerings

Wheat drilling season will soon be here and we too often overlook the options available when it comes to treating wheat.  But now is a very important time to consider adding treatment to wheat seed.  

"Our corn seed is treated, our milo seed is treated, all our other seeds are treated but wheat's one we tend to neglect." says Dighton Sales Manager and Agronomist Mark Vance.  "Some of the wheat values have gone up and guys were able to contract at a good price," and because of this Vance makes the case that treated wheat is worth the investment to protect the valued wheat crop.  "Right now you can do the full treatment for basically half of what a bushel of wheat is worth at the moment."  

In addition to cleaning wheat seed at the Dighton facility, the Garden City Co-op offers a couple treatment offerings:

1) Fungicide only (helps with damping off loose smut, seedling blight, etc.)
2)  Fungicide + Insecticide (helps combat the early season pests such as aphids, wireworms, grasshoppers, etc.)

Contact your local sales manager & agronomist with any further questions on this or other concerns by calling us at 620-275-6161.

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