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Benefits Of Soil Moisture Probes

Sep 02, 2022

Soil Moisture Sensor Data
By Abe Hamm,
Precision Ag Specialist

Do you know how deep your roots are? What depth are your plants drinking from? Are you sharing water between pivots? 

A moisture probe can help you make more informed and real time irrigation and fertility decisions by giving live data on how deep your moisture and nutrients are and at what depth your plant is using them. For example, if your top twelve inches of soil are dry but you have plenty of moisture at sixteen and twenty-four inches and your plants are pulling water at twenty inches, that information can you decide on whether or not to shut down your well. 

GCC has a lease program with our AquaSpy Soil Moisture Probes. Contact your local GCC representative to get more information about our lease program.

Watch one of our Precision Ag Specialists demonstrate the installation of an Aquaspy probe by clicking the button below:


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