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Choosing Corn Hybrids

Jul 15, 2021

By Ross Holmes, Seed Salesman

Though corn planting for 2021 is over, it may not be a bad idea to ask your seed specialist about some hybrids that they are excited about for the 2022 season.  It may seem early to be thinking about next year, but now is a good time to be looking at hybrids that had limited production last year and showed some real promise for yield.   If mother nature delays wheat harvest, ask your agronomist about corn hybrids that will work on your field to fit that new plan.  If a new hybrid fits that field, don’t be afraid to use it.  


Typically, new hybrids have better yield potential, better stand-ability, new trait packages, and overall better plant health.   There is risk to planting new hybrids, because corn hybrids will act differently in different environments.  To minimize this risk, plant half a field instead of the whole field, or break up the field into equal thirds or fourths..  This will give better yield data then a six-row field plot that is less than an acre, and gives the ability to compare the new hybrid with either one or multiple hybrids.  


The corn traits in Trecepta from Dekalb, or Leptra from Brevant  are a couple of examples that everyone should be looking to add to their lineup.  These traits give another mode of action above ground specifically guarding against western bean cutworm, and adds another mode of action to stop more traditional pest like corn earworm.  These traits are only offered in a few corn hybrids, so please ask your seed specialist if one of these hybrids would be good for your farm.  These newly traited hybrids will only continue to grow in popularity as pests become increasingly more of a problem.


If you are looking for a top yielding hybrid, or maybe a more consistent hybrid on tough ground, GCC can provide yield data from the area, or nationally that could help place a hybrid for you.  Talk to one of GCC’s seed agronomist to help figure out which hybrid would be the best fit.  To see local results, visit these links here:


For future corn hybrids talk to a GCC seed agronomist about which hybrid they will be watching closely in the strip trials.  There are always favorites to keep a close eye on, and hybrids that completely surprise the harvester.  Also, ask about new traits that are coming down the pipeline, and how they are doing in the strip trials.  This year, there is excitement about the new SmartStaX Pro from Dekalb.  This will give producers three modes of action for below ground pest like corn rootworm.  These hybrids are limited to official Bayer plots, but GCC will have full access to these traits so that GCC can learn about these hybrids, and offer producers the best choice of corn hybrids next year.


Let GCC help choose the right trait(s) and hybrid(s) to begin thinking about what will work on your farm.


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