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NO FOOLIN': GCC Takes Part In Restoring The House of Capper

Apr 01, 2022

By Trevor Hands, Director of Marketing & Communications

As a young 4-Her, I remember the excitement of attending the State Fair in Hutchinson, Kansas and entering exhibits, crossing my fingers and hoping for at least a purple ribbon…and let’s be honest, the food and amusement rides.  

But it wasn't until I grew older that I began appreciating the rich history that the Kansas State Fairgrounds had to offer.  One such structure is a covered veranda known as  "The House Of Capper", located just East of the Admin Building, at the corner of Pride of Kansas Avenue & Fort Riley Boulevard.  

Arthur Capper designed and funded this structure in 1913.  It has provided shade and a place of rest for fair attendees, as well as the Professional Arts building and a bandstand at one time.  

According to the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center based at KSU, "As the Senate leader of the 'farm bloc,' he co-sponsored the Capper-Volstead Act of 1922, which clarified the status of agricultural marketing cooperatives under the antitrust laws and granted a limited exemption from prosecution for this type of group action by farmers. The act is often referred to as the 'Magna Carta of Farmer Marketing Cooperatives.' Promotional projects to recognize children and youth activities were a large source of personal satisfaction for the great philanthropist."

The House of Capper received some updates in 2007 but it now is showing some foundational, structural and electrical issues that have comprised the shelter, making it unsafe.  

The Kansas Fairgrounds Commission's desire is to continue to pay tribute to Senator Capper, raising the money needed to tear down and rebuild the House of Capper for fair-goers to enjoy for generations to come.  They have begun seeking funding, of which The Garden City Co-op, Inc. is proud to support this endeavor in recognition of Capper's work in the cooperative industry.  

Click HERE for more information about the project, or view the video HERE

If you would like to contribute, click HERE to order a brick, or contact James Fisher at for other ways to support this restoration.  

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