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Don't Skip This Crucial Step This Planting Season

Apr 17, 2020


Right From The Start - Build A Solid Foundation

To get crops off to a solid start, you need to provide adequate nutrition from the get-go. Along with N, P and K, sulfur is needed for chlorophyll production and protein formation. The most common micronutrients in starter fertilizers are zinc for leaf growth and root development; manganese for chlorophyll production and nitrogen utilization; and boron for proper cell division, carbohydrate use and water utilization. Learn more about the balanced starter fertilizer programs we recommend to help deliver the right amount of key macro and micronutrients immediately to the seed.


OptiStart® Climb, is an 9-18-6 balanced starter fertilizer, containing micronutrients and Avail fertilizer enhancer to help reduce phosphorus fixation in the soil.
Optistart® Local, 10-34-0 fertilizer additive, provides a low salt source of potassium and sulfur along with fully chelated micronutrients.
Octave® Grow, 10-34-0 fertilizer additive, is a blend of chelated micronutrients with the right ratios to improve uptake.



Our Experience with Octave Grow

“The 2018 crop season was our first year using Octave Grow. Our growers saw great early vigor and root development. It gives you a little peace of mind knowing that we don’t have to worry about micronutrient deficiencies. It tank mixes extremely well with about any liquid fertilizer and stays in suspension. It also comes at a very attractive price point for a positive ROI. “ -
Ryan Kennedy (GCC Agronomist)


Right From The Start

Balanced nutrition also helps increase a young plant’s ability to deal with stress from environmental and pest pressures. The stronger the seedling, the better the chance for a strong crop. Adding a Plant Growth Regulator, like Ascend® Pro, to your early season application can help build a larger root mass to take up nutrients, result in faster germination, and uniform stand emergence. 


Summit Max Contract: Enrolling Through April 29

As you build your solid foundation with the help of Optistart and Octave Grow starter fertilizers and additives, don’t forget to manage the grain price risk by reviewing the best contracting tool for your situation, including our newest contract offering, the Summit Max Contract. Don't miss out on your opportunity to seize the high of each day the market trades, no matter when it was hit.



Contact  your local Garden City Co-op agronomist to get your operation started on a solid foundation


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