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GCC GIVES BACK: RCDC Recognizes GCC For Final Year Towards Capital Campaign

Feb 25, 2022

When Russell Childhood Development Center  (RCDC) started their capital campaign in 2016, they were looking for donations to help build their new office building in Garden City as their continued success and additional programs added caused them to outgrow their facility. 

RCDC is a community-based not-for-profit organization that serves as the umbrella agency for eight childhood programs in nineteen Southwest Kansas counties.  

These programs have been and are being utilized by many families who are members and employees of GCC.  
Our leadership and board felt that this organization was a great fit for our REACH giving policy (Regional, Education, Agriculture, Children, Hunger Relief). 

GCC supported them with a special Cobank matching grant by contributing $14,000 for five years for a total of $70,000. Cobank then matched that to contribute $70,000 as well for a grand total of $140,000 toward's RCDC's new location.  With that support level, we also then had the option of naming rights on part of the building and the kitchen was chosen to help our agriculture and food/hunger relief connection and giving focus. This year is the final year of the $14,000/year pledge over five years.  

Thank you RCDC for this recognition.  We hope this new facility enables you to continue serving Southwest Kansas for years to come! We are grateful for the much needed services you provide for our communities.  


Russell Child Development Center is a community based not-for-profit organization located in Garden City, KS. Founded in 1965, RCDC is the umbrella agency for early childhood programs in 19 Southwest Kansas counties, including Child & Adult Food Program, Healthy Steps, Learn & Play, Positive Parenting and many others.

Learn more about the capital campaign here:


GCC is a full-service agribusiness in Southwest Kansas serving farmers grain, agronomy, and petroleum needs.  Our mission is to help farmers be successful by creating value for their farm through our people, assets, and technology.  We accomplish this by weaving every decision through our core values of being trustworthy, stable & dependable, and innovative.  Our stakeholders are the farmers themselves and we acknowledge the lessons of our past and look to the future, #movingforwardtogether.


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