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Looking Out For One Another During COVID-19

Apr 02, 2020

The following came from Facebook from a South Dakota farmer by the name of Jed Olbertson.  Jed's post was a bit more colorful, so if that is more your style feel free to look him up.  

As we have had the fifth confirmed case of the Coronavirus in Western Kansas and the confirmed cases rapidly climb by the day in our state, hospital staff nervously await the patients needing to be admitted.  They are prepping with supplies to be as prepared as they possibly can be.  

We in the agricultural realm are blessed with being able to continue working through this, albeit having to operate with business differently and practice proper social distancing and a more conscientious approach to personal hygiene.  

But what are we doing to prepare for the worst case scenario?  What will we do when "stuff" happens to hit the fan?  

Yes, we need to be getting ready for spring... yes the coming year looks like a mess... but I’m gonna throw another sabot into the gears...

More than likely, a farmer we know, or one of their loved ones, is likely to contract C19. We don’t just need to be ready to plant our own crops... we need to be ready to help plant someone else’s, too. That’s just how it goes. Grease your iron and have it ready to go.

That being said, the person that’s affected could be you.

Think about it... we are sole proprietors. We are literally the only person that knows the weird stuff that it takes to get our operations through the day.

Take a half hour and write up a short list of what needs to be done to get through a couple months of running your operation. Rations. Which seed dealers you have seed at. Where you want your fertilizer and herbicide purchased. What crops are to be planted on which fields. Which starter or electric motor that may occasionally need to get whacked with the handy 15/16” wrench to engage. Which bins of stored grain a guy needs to really be keeping an eye on.

Give this list to your significant other and your best friend. And hope they never need to use it.

Just be proactive.

H/T to Daniel Hiatt for bringing this concern to light for me today.

And yes.. feel free to share. Please do.

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