Bulk & Packaged Premium Lubricants

The Garden City Difference

There are a lot of reasons to buy your oil products in bulk from the Garden City Co-op.

  • You get a better price on every gallon you buy.

  • You get it delivered right to your farm or business.

  • You don't have any containers to discard.

Perhaps the best reason of all may be that when you buy in bulk from the Garden City Co-op, you're getting quality Cenex Brand lubricants which give your equipment the best protection you can get and prevents costly repairs down the road.


CHS Lubricants Spec Sheet


Packaged Lubricants

Garden City Co-op, Inc. is proud to be an authorized distributor for Cenex lubricants. In our packaged lubricant line, we have package sizes available from single quarts up to 256 gallon totes. We are able to package many of our own buckets and barrels, making it much more affordable to our patrons. We offer a full line of oil products for whatever application you need.

For more information on bulk or packaged lubricants or the Total Protection Warranty Plan, contact the Garden City Co-op by calling 620-276-8301.