At the Garden City Co-op, our core values are:  Stable and Dependable, Trustworthy, and Innovative.  These values were established by our founders in 1919 and passed down through generations of our board, management and staff members.  They are embodied by our staff and remain a part of our every day work and decision making processes.   

So if you are looking for a career and not just another job; if you are looking to serve instead of being served; if you are looking for a company that values continual personal growth, education and giving back to the communities it serves, we’d love to talk to you. 


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The Collegiate Career Development Program is a partnership of agriculture companies working together to evolve the intern experience by providing a one of a kind training opportunity for company interns. 

CCD’s mission is to make the jump from college to the professional world easier by linking companies hundreds of miles away and their interns attending K-State. Interns extend their summer experience in the CCD while receiving mentorship and growing their knowledge of their role, partner company and the industry. Interns participate in professional development opportunities, learn skills through modules and check in with peers and mentors weekly. 

Common majors that partake in the Collegiate Career Development Program range from accounting to sales to communications. Imagine the impact on an intern if they had a year instead of three months to become more connected to the company, confident in their abilities and ready to engage at a whole new level on their second internship or upon graduation.


Annie Gerber is our Talent & Partnership Coordinator

Annie is a Garden City native, who has found value in southwest Kansas and what it has to offer others. Annie helps out GCC in finding talent to enhance the pipeline of our company and the ag industry. She also is developing relationships alongside our communities, schools and universities across our area. If you have any questions about working for GCC or building a relationship with us whether it is to your school, classroom or business. 

Contact her at 620-275-6161 or at