With locations in Garden City, Ulysses and Dighton, our finance team are the backbone of our operation. The finance team is here to serve our members while working closely with our other divisions. Whether you are looking for someone to help with fuel bids, settling your grain, financing your inputs, or answer your questions around membership and equity, our finance team consists of qualified individuals to address these needs and many more. We also help facilitate the internal functions of the company such as managing payroll and accounts payable, reporting and compliance, risk management, as well as financial tracking, planning and analysis.  

Latest Videos

Inside The Co-op:  Grain Originators
Inside The Co-op: Grain Originators

8/18/2022 8:43:44 PM

What does a grain originator do? What happens to grain once it's stored in an elevator? What's the difference between a basis price and a futures price? What's the difference between and old crop price and a new crop price? In this episode of "Inside the Co-op" we answer those questions by talking to Lindy McMillen, a grain originator here at GCC at our Dighton office....

Introducing Alpine Pro

7/6/2021 1:21:41 PM

Weather shouldn't add to your market volatility stress. GCC's Alpine Pro Contract is unique in offering a provision that allows a farmer to be released from the contract in cases of verified crop failure....

Camelina Field Day Tours: Triangle H & Schmeeckle Farms

5/13/2021 4:43:20 PM

Mike Karst from Sustainable Oils, GCC staff, and area farmers gathered for a tour of Camelina fields being grown at Triangle H and Schmeeckle Farms. The crop is being grown as a trial, to ultimately be purchased by ExxonMobil as a renewable diesel source. For more information about Camelina visit:

Molz Cooperative Scholarship NOW AVAILABLE for the 2021- 2022 school year

2/12/2021 4:41:41 PM

Through the generosity of Otis & Mary Lee Molz - the Garden City Community College is offering up to 6 FULL RIDE scholarships to students if you are a Co-op member or employee or an immediate family member of either. To apply, fill out the application here: Answer the questions given on a separate word document and send them to:


Summer Harvest Prep
May 26, 2023 |
Wheat harvest is one of the most exciting times of the year – and it’s just around the corner. We've got a few pre-harvest best practices to consider to help harvest go as smoothly as possible.  
Spring is here! Are you ready?
May 19, 2023 |
With planting season upon us, the Garden City Co-op Ag Tech Team wants to make sure you’re properly prepared!


Patron Access And Customer Portal

Please select one of the following:

Member & Credit Applications

What is a Co-op?

The purpose of a cooperative is to serve its members. A cooperative is member owned and operates similar to other businesses- with one exception. The cooperative's profits or savings, after the costs of doing business are paid, are ruturned to the members as patronage dividends at the end of the year. Patronage is paid out partially in cash, and partially as equity in the company to be paid out at a later date. In order to receive patronage dividends, you must first become a member of the cooperative.

Becoming a member of the Garden City Co-op is as simple as filling out a membership/credit application and purchasing $50 of stock in the company.

Anyone who is a producer of agricultural products in our trade territory may become a voting member of the association by purchasing $50 of Common Stock. Anyone who is not a producer of agricultural products in our trade territory may become a Participating Member by purchasing $50 of Participating Stock.

Every cooperative member receives a patron number. You can make cash purchases, or if you are approved for credit, you may charge against this account. The more business you do with your cooperative, the more you receive back from your cooperative in patronage dividends.
Below are the application forms you need to fill out to become a member of the Garden City Co-op, Inc. Choose either the Individual or Business Forms, print them off, fill them out, and send them back to us.

You may fax them to: 
620-275-8433 or 

You may mail them to:
Garden City Co-op, Inc.
Attn: Credit Manager
P.O. Box 838
Garden City, KS 67846

We are also set up to allow you to pay your statement balance each month using our ACH Customer Authorization Plan. If you are interested in this, download the ACH Customer Authorization form below also.
Application Forms for Individuals

Confidential Credit Application For Individuals
Application For Membership
Sales Tax Ag Exemption Certificate
W9 Form
ACH Customer Authorization Form

Application Forms for Businesses

Confidential Credit Application For Businesses
Application For Membership
Sales Tax Ag Exemption Certificate
W9 Form
ACH Customer Authorization Form

Input Financing

To help maximize your input dollar, the Garden City Co-op has access to multiple input financing programs to meet different credit needs for agronomy inputs.  Based on the product or service being financed, we can provide a program with a rate, term, and credit amount that best fits your cash flow needs.  

Depending on credit qualifications, we can extend regular credit terms, or provide input financing through partner programs.  We offer programs through CFA, Secure by Winfield® United, John Deere® Financial, Rabobank, and seed and crop protection programs through select manufacturers.

To receive more information or apply for a program, please contact your Agronomist or the Garden City Co-op Credit Manager.

Accounting & Finance Employees