One of the seven cooperative principles that was established in the cooperative movement’s infancy was concern for the community.  At the Garden City Co-op, Inc (GCC), we are committed to being responsive, responsible and respected citizens in the communities in which we live and work.  GCC is deeply committed to supporting organizations throughout its service area that help people live more productive, educated, and enriched lives. Our goal is to provide for those in need and assist those who are working to better their communities. 

Our giving strategy is designed to support our communities through initiatives that have lasting value, with a priority given to agricultural needs, education, children, and hunger relief in the communities we serve. Nonprofit organizations located within our service area are encouraged to apply. 

Giving Guidelines
GCC does not give to political campaigns.  Our giving is driven by a desire to create caring communities where everyone - regardless of economic background, race, religion or orientation - has the opportunity to become all they can be. 

Our Community R.E.A.C.H. Focus

  • Region:  Preserve and increase access to the region’s unique assets 
  • Education:  Support educational endeavors for youth and those pursuing continuing education 
  • Agriculture:  Promote agricultural programs in the community 
  • Children: Improve children’s physical, mental, emotional and overall wellbeing and sense of self by supporting various youth focused programs, including civic service, leadership and sports initiatives.   
  • Hunger Relief:  Support hunger relief initiatives, specifically food insecurity in school children.

Giving Request Form

Click here to request a donation/sponsorship.


Type of Organization
GCC supports non-profit and educational institutions with a focus on Agriculture, Youth, Education, and Food Assistance/Hunger Relief.

Registered non-profit
We welcome applications from qualified and registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. 

To be considered for support, organizations must be located within Southwest Kansas or the Oklahoma Panhandle.   


If you meet the above requirements, please fill out the Donation Request Form below. The Garden City Co-op will attempt to fulfill donation requests meeting the requirements, however, not all requests will be granted. Our Fiscal Year runs September 1 - August 31. Requests for the current fiscal year will be reviewed quarterly on February 28/29, May 31, August 31 and November 30. Requests received after the posted review date will be moved to the following quarter for review. Please allow up to 90 days for decision and disbursement. The Garden City Co-op will not contribute to the following organizations: fraternal, social or labor organizations, political groups, and individual benefits or fundraisers.


Leave the checkbooks at home! Cash basis farmers who donate grain in lieu of cash to local charities can exclude the sale of grain from their taxable income, thus creating a potential tax savings. If the charity of your choosing is set up with an account with the Garden City Co-op, you will need to: 

    1) Indicate how many bushels you want to transfer to your charity

    2) Give the charity a copy of the transfer with the information on how many bushels were transferred to their account.

    3) The charity receives 100% ownership and risk of the grain including storage and market price fluctuations.

    4) The charity needs to call the Garden City Co-op when they want to sell their grain.

 Please consult with your tax advisor regarding your own personal tax situation.