Milepost Elevator

1749 South Rd E
Ulysses, Kansas 67880

620-952-1070 (cell) Grains handled: Wheat, milo, corn



7:30 AM – 5:00 PM


  • Grain

Grains Handled

Wheat, Milo, Corn


In 1928, Sullivan Brothers Grain built a wooden elevator at Milepost 29, or Sullivan Spur, six miles west of Ulysses. It had a storage capacity of 22,000 bushels.

During the dust bowl (1933-1936), the Sullivan’s were forced to close all but the Ulysses terminal. Elevator properties became almost worthless. Dan and Jerry were forced to re-evaluate their decision to become grainmen many times as the dust blew across empty fields. The dust storms subsided, though, and grain prices rose.

In 1955, a concrete elevator was built at Milepost. Storage capacity was 201,000 bushels. In 1983, Sullivan, Inc. purchased a wooden elevator at Milepost from Bunge, Corp.

On June 1, 2006, the Milepost Elevator became a part of the Garden City Co-op, Inc. when the Co-op purchased Sullivan, Inc. Today, the Milepost Elevator has a storage capacity of 722,000 bushels.