The Lowe location for the Garden City Co-op is the primary storage and blending

facility for all other locations as well as for customer delivery. With 2,500+ tons of storage, we strive to meet the needs of our customers when the demand arises. We have in stock 28% & 32% UAN liquid nitrogen, 10-34-0 liquid phosphate, water soluble 0-0-62 potash, 12-0-0-26 liquid sulfur, chelated zinc, and most other liquid micro-nutrient products.

Off site storage is also utilized to insure supplies of liquid fertilizer are available during the busy seasonal runs that occur. We are also fortunate to be located within a couple hundred miles of two or three major manufacturers of UAN liquid nitrogen. We also take advantage of rail delivery of phosphoric acid to be able to react our own 10-34-0 phosphate fertilizer on site.

Two late model spray rigs are available for custom application of both liquid fertilizer and chemicals and service the entire Garden City Co-op trade area. Currently, both units are stationed at and dispatched through the Lowe location. In addition, there is a liquid fertilizer Coulter application toolbar available for rent to customers to apply their liquid fertilizer with their own tractor. A dual liquid/ammonia application rig is also available to rent to apply liquid and ammonia together with the customer’s own tractor.

The Garden City Co-op owns and maintains a fleet of liquid tender trucks, both tandem straight trucks and semi’s, to be able to deliver liquid fertilizer to our customers on a timely basis. These units not only deliver direct to customers, they also service our spray rig units and our toolbar units.


Lowe is the only location in the Garden City Co-op system to store and handle dry fertilizer. There is approximately 4,000 tons of dry storage at Lowe including urea (46-0-0) nitrogen, MAP (11-52-0) & DAP (18-46-0) phosphate, potash (0-0-60), and 0-0-0-90S dry sulfur, and 35.5% dry Zinc Sulfate. Most other micronutrients are available in a dry blend also. An eight ton dry blender with all the support loading equipment prepares the fertilizer to go to the field for our custom application units or our customer units.

Two air-flow dry floaters are utilized for custom application of dry fertilizer on customer’s fields. They are operated by two experienced drivers and are capable of covering a lot of ground in a short period of time. They are supported by a fleet of five dry tender tandem trucks as well as a dry semi tender truck.

Two of our custom NH3 Big Rig Tractor units are equipped to apply dry fertilizer in conjunction with NH3 (anhydrous ammonia) or dry applied by itself in strip-till applications only.


The Garden City Co-op is a large supplier of anhydrous ammonia (82-0-0) in our trade area. In the Garden City trade area, there are six ammonia plants including Lowe, Askren, Plymell, Wehkamp, Tennis, and Savolt locations with over 800 tons of storage combined between storage tanks and nurse tanks.

The new Dighton plant adds an additional 300+ tons of storage for customers in that area.