Contact one of the grain merchandisers in our Main Office or your local Grain Office if you would like further information about any of these various contracts.


Choose this option if you have in store bushels or grain to be delivered and want a specific price. We will take an order with the parameters of price, quantity, and length of order, and if the market fills the order you will be issued payment or contract for that specific quantity of bushels.


All delivery contracts are for a set quantity of bushels to be delivered in a specific delivery period.

Forward Contract - allows you to set your cash price.

Basis Contract - allows you to set your basis now and set the futures at a later date.

Hedge to Arrive Contract - allows you to set your futures price now and set the basis at a later date.

Flex Contract - uses a put option to set a floor, if the futures go higher it can be repriced one time.


Deferred Payment Contract - upon selling your grain you may enter a contract for later payment date earning interest, you may not receive payment prior to the due date.

Minimum Price Contract - use a call option to allow for upside potential after the sale of your grain.


We offer various OTC products. These products have the potential to help enhance prices but have added risk.


Merchants Plus is a program offered through INTL FC Stone. The program allows the farmer to sign up a set quantity of bushels for a fee and then INTL FC Stone or a third-party advisor will price the futures price for those bushels throughout a specific time period. You have the choice between INTL FC Stone or the third-party advisor.

***The marketing programs listed above involve risks associated with grain marketing and all programs may not be suitable for everyone.***