Prepaying for the 2023 Crop Year: It Just Makes Cents

Dec 09, 2022

Prepaying for the 2023 Crop Year:  It Just Makes Cents
These last three years have shown us how much supply issues, labor shortages and product delays have created even more volatility with pricing.  With that in mind, it is highly advantageous to speak to your agronomist and your petroleum team to book and lock in your crop inputs and fuel for this coming crop season.  Why?
  1. Prepaying for these now ensures you’re more likely to get you and your agronomist’s top pick of crop protection products instead of having to opt for a second or third choice by waiting.  
  2. Prepaying also helps with forecasting demand as well as save you money instead of waiting for in-season when prices tend to go up.  
  3. Prepaying can give you some great tax advantages for 2021 by averaging out your income and possibly delaying your tax bill (speak to your tax account to discuss what’s the best fit for you and your farm).  
  4. Lastly, by prepaying early, you’ve just cleared your busy in-season schedule of that chore and can use it for something else that requires your attention.  
You can choose an item specific prepay, class prepay, or open prepay. Item specific prepay will pertain to a single item of your choice, whether that be a chemical or fertilizer. A class prepay will cover any chemical or fertilizer, and an open prepay will cover any product or service purchased. Contact your agronomist or stop in at your local office for any questions regarding our prepay options!

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