Selling Grain Through An Offer

Nov 10, 2023

Selling Grain Through An Offer
By Lindy McMillen, Grain Originator - Dighton Area
Did you know that GCC offers farmers a way to sell their grain without having to watch the market? We do – through the use of an offer, also called a sell order and/or open order. An offer allows a farmer to offer a price, quantity, and delivery point for both old crop and new crop grain. If the market reaches the desired level and the hedges are filled, a contract is made for the quantity of bushels at the given delivery point.
Some advantages include:
  • Offers give a farmer the ability to participate in the market even if they aren’t watching it.
  • An offer makes sticking to your marketing plan easy – and holds a farmer accountable to execute at their desired price point. This helps take some of the emotion out of the marketing process.
  • An offer can make it easier to execute in fast moving, volatile markets.
  • Offers work anytime that the market is open, so an offer allows a farmer to participate in the overnight market.
Offers can be placed for any desired amount of time and can be cancelled at anytime if they haven’t yet filled. It’s also important for a farmer to remember and manage their offers, as well as cancel them if they sell their grain in the meantime.
Offers are just another tool that GCC offers in our grain marketing toolbox. Reach out to a member of our grain team if you have questions or to get your offers working today!

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