The Benefit Of Regular Oil Analysis

Dec 16, 2022

The Benefit Of Regular Oil Analysis
The Benefit Of Regular Oil Analysis
By Erin Wroge - Marketing Manager, CHS Lubricants

When it comes to farming, it’s no secret that the stakes are high. Farmers are under more pressure than ever to meet demands, and on top of that, life seems to have a way of throwing us a monkey wrench when we least expect it.

Think about it — few things have a more direct impact on your operation than the health of your equipment. When your machines are working efficiently, you can work efficiently too. But when a machine goes down, your whole operation is put on pause.

The good news is, minimizing your risk of downtime is easy and is within your control. Two simple steps can go a long way toward ensuring your machines stay dependable.

Step 1: Get a Used Oil Analysis

Just because your equipment was healthy at harvest doesn’t guarantee it’s still healthy come spring. Harvest can be tough, and if an underlying issue was missed when equipment was put in storage, it could cause catastrophic issues during planting. What’s more, storing your machine during winter can also lead to contaminant buildup. Bottom line — if you must take a compromised machine out to the field, all bets are off.

A used oil analysis, though, can provide valuable information about how your equipment is holding up inside. Oil touches every moving part inside a machine, and by analyzing it, you can learn a lot about what’s going on under the hood.

The best part is conducting a used oil analysis is easy. All you need to do is collect a small sample of used engine oil, and a lab technician will evaluate your results. To get started, you can purchase a LubeScan® used oil analysis kit right here from GCC.

Step 2: Invest in Quality Lubricants

A used oil analysis can tell you about the current state of your machines, but to keep them performing strong, it’s important to maintain them with quality products. It may be cliché, but the old saying rings true: You are what you eat, and that goes for your equipment too.

Your machines are a major investment — one of the biggest a farmer makes, in fact. And while bargain-bin products can be tempting, they’re cheap for a reason. A premium lubricant can save you money in the long run by helping you get the most out of your machines.

Lubricants with a full-synthetic base oil and a balanced additive package provide excellent wear protection, deposit control and oxidation resistance. Cenex MAXTRON® PRODUCTS are engineered to keep machines protected as they work overtime during peak seasons like planting.

Life on the farm can change at a moment’s notice. And outside of a crystal ball, there’s often little opportunity to see it coming. Left untended, your equipment can become a sizable risk — but care for them proactively, and your machines can be a stabilizing force for your whole operation.


If you have any questions regarding oil analysis or any of CHS Premium Lubricants, we have a CHS certified energy specialist, Josh Noel.  He can be reached at  (620) 276-8301.  

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