Moving Forward Together

In looking at where we are going, there is no way we can not look at where we came from. We came from a group of people who were strong, determined and full of hope. They saw a future through drought, hail and dust storms, and continued to believe that there would be rain.

More times than not, they were not disappointed. The rain came, the crops grew and there was strength in the survival. Since it’s founding in 1919, The Garden City Co-op, Inc. has also hoped for the rain, and when it came, celebrated with its member owners, now over 2,000 strong.

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Our Business & Values

Though our website might have a different look, we maintain the same promise to our farmers of being Trustworthy, Stable & Dependable and Innovative - all while continually moving forward together.  

This website design is the first two steps in a six step process through our partner, WInfield United.  General Manager John McClelland states, "[Our website] will give far greater service to our farmers in every division.  It is a giant leap forward in capability while still retaining the easy access to the information they have historically used...take a look and be excited about our first step into a world of improved service ​through digital capabilities."

We maintain the same strength of our core businesses. The Grain Division, with 20 elevators covering an area from Ulysses in the south to Shields in the north, is capable of storing nearly 26 million bushels in the elevators and 4.3 million bushels in bunkers for a total storage capacity of 30,320,000 bushels.

The Agronomy Division, with locations at Lowe, Dighton, and Plymell, serve farmers in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas and handles distribution of both fertilizer and chemical through state of the art application equipment.

The Petroleum Division is one of the largest distributors of Cenex refined fuels and lubricants in the United States. Being able to provide service to these divisions through our own fleet of trucks facilitates the need for products in a timely manner.

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Board of Directors

With a Board of Directors comprised of 7 Directors and 3 Associate Directors, and an employee group of approximately 150, we continue to look for the rain and when it comes, we continue to celebrate.

Member & Credit Applications

What is a Co-op?

The purpose of a cooperative is to serve its members. A cooperative is member owned and operates similar to other businesses- with one exception. The cooperative's profits or savings, after the costs of doing business are paid, are ruturned to the members as patronage dividends at the end of the year. Patronage is paid out partially in cash, and partially as equity in the company to be paid out at a later date. In order to receive patronage dividends, you must first become a member of the cooperative.

Becoming a member of the Garden City Co-op is as simple as filling out a membership/credit application and purchasing $50 of stock in the company.

Anyone who is a producer of agricultural products in our trade territory may become a voting member of the association by purchasing $50 of Common Stock. Anyone who is not a producer of agricultural products in our trade territory may become a Participating Member by purchasing $50 of Participating Stock.

Every cooperative member receives a patron number. You can make cash purchases, or if you are approved for credit, you may charge against this account. The more business you do with your cooperative, the more you receive back from your cooperative in patronage dividends.
Below are the application forms you need to fill out to become a member of the Garden City Co-op, Inc. Choose either the Individual or Business Forms, print them off, fill them out, and send them back to us.

You may fax them to: 
620-275-8433 or 

You may mail them to:
Garden City Co-op, Inc.
Attn: Credit Manager
P.O. Box 838
Garden City, KS 67846

We are also set up to allow you to pay your statement balance each month using our ACH Customer Authorization Plan. If you are interested in this, download the ACH Customer Authorization form below also.
Application Forms for Individuals

Confidential Credit Application For Individuals
Application For Membership
Sales Tax Ag Exemption Certificate
W9 Form
ACH Customer Authorization Form

Application Forms for Businesses

Confidential Credit Application For Businesses
Application For Membership
Sales Tax Ag Exemption Certificate
W9 Form
ACH Customer Authorization Form

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