Building Your Marketing Plan

Sep 08, 2023

By Nathan Flores, Associate Grain Originator

It is never too early to start a marketing strategy. With current market volatility it is very important to market sooner rather than later. Here are some things to acknowledge when building your marketing plan:
  • First, set realistic price targets based on your cost of production.
  •  Sell incremental bushels based on percentage of total production.
  • Set selling deadlines to ensure that you are proactively selling, this could be crop stage or calendar date.
  • Get to know the market trends and headlines that are driving them.
  • Know your contracts.  GCC has an array of contracts for every need.
Having a solid marketing plan in place can reduce stress and help streamline your operation.  Your dedicated GCC grain team is here to help.  Feel free to connect with your local grain originator to discuss how they can assist you in developing a wining game plan.

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