Fertilizer Rx

Sep 22, 2023

By Abe Hamm, Precision Ag Specialist 

Your field's topsoil isn't some one-soil-type-fits-all kind of ground.  So why use a blanket approach to your fertilizer application when your field has so many variable nutrient needs? Avoid applying unnecessary nutrients and ensure you get the best fertilizer allocation on your farm utilizing Fert Rx. 

Utilizing Fert Rx will help you as the grower be more efficient with your fertilizer and money by applying the right amount of fertilizer to each zone based on the information collected through zone soil sampling.

Fertilizer recommendations can be used in many different fertilizer forms such as dry, liquid and NH3.
This fall, growers have the opportunity to implement variable-rate fertilization using air seeders, GCC dry rigs, and subsequently, strip-till methods later in the season.  

Click here for a VR Fertilizer/Seed info sheet and contact your GCC agronomist for more information on how to get the best fertilizer allocation on your farm.

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