Navigating Unexpectedly Abundant Rainfall

Jul 07, 2023

By Ryan Kennedy, GCC Sales/Agronomist

Well, it has been an interesting spring and early summer to say the least for SW Kansas and a complete 180 from this time last year.  With all the moisture we have received there are great opportunities as well as some challenges in front of us.  With a little moisture in July and August we should have high end potential on this fall crop and need to capitalize on the opportunity where we can.  I just wanted to touch on a few things that will be happening in the short term.

The spider mite run is around the corner and most applications happen around pre-tassel in the corn.  Although pressure seems to be very light to non-existent so far, I believe it’s smart to protect your crop because if they go untreated it can be devastating.  This can also apply to soybeans and even milo.  Along with the miticide it may be a good time to add in a quality fungicide on this application.  Especially on hybrids that are susceptible to diseases such as Gray Leaf Spot and Southern Rust.  You may also consider a foliar Nitrogen application if your crop is showing N deficiency where the N was leached out.

Once wheat harvest is finished up, we also need to be thinking about post-harvest stubble burndowns.  With the weed pressure in the wheat this year this may need to be done sooner than later.  There are some hairy fields in the area due to the thinner wheat stands and excessive moisture.  Thankfully the herbicide applications are working extremely well in these conditions.

Lastly, I wanted to touch on Q3 NH3 applications for those that like to apply some for next years wheat crop.  It’s been hard enough to work summer fallow let alone think about getting any fertilizer on for next year’s wheat, but I believe at some point this summer things will dry out.  It is SW Ks after all.

Please contact your local GCC Sales Agronomist with any questions and we will be glad to help you out anywhere we can. 

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