Planting Season Strategies from GCC Agronomy

Apr 14, 2023

Planting Season Strategies from GCC Agronomy
By Mark Vance, GCC Sales Manager/ Agronomist - Dighton

With planting season rapidly approaching and the uncertainty of the outcome this wheat crop will bring, I encourage you to stay in contact with your GCC Agronomist as you work with your insurance companies. If you plan to keep the wheat crop or you’re considering turning those acres into a row crop there will be a big change in the products needed to destroy the wheat which then puts pressure on the residual herbicides. While consulting with your agronomist we can help you make the best plan of action with a variety of products available.
To go along with planting, don’t forget the importance of a starter fertilizer program. We offer several different options based on your specific fertilizer needs. A product we commonly recommend is a traditional blend of  10-34-0 and  Zinc but we also offer more advanced blends of premium starter fertilizers. These blends can be 100% ortho, or a combination of ortho and poly phosphorus with micro-nutrient packages. These premium products are extremely clean and minimize the wear and tear on equipment compared to the traditional 10-34-0. Along with starter fertilizers, it’s time to start planning the application of a main residual herbicide. Even with the application of an early residual herbicide, the weeds continue to show resistance. Over the last several years, our experience with using an herbicide containing multiple modes of action or even layering different herbicides proves to be the most successful strategy to keep the weeds to a minimum.
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