Ag-Ventures Growing Young Minds

Jun 28, 2024

We've been up to some farm-tastic fun around here with Annie Gerber, our Talent and Partnership Coordinator, here at GCC. Annie is responsible for and oversees all GCC recruitment, brand awareness, and community involvement endeavors. Beyond her official duties, she's passionate about educating local youth on agriculture's importance and the crucial role GCC's plays in feeding the world.

In recent months, Annie has been busy cultivating agricultural knowledge among our youth. She hosted Bible Christian Preschool's end-of-school field trip at the GCC Center, where she created engaging corn sensory bins and agriculture-themed center. Alongside Lindy, representing GCC, Annie participated in Dighton Ag Days, where they helped children plant corn and wheat in baggies, allowing them to watch the seeds come to life.

Additionally, Annie organized Downtown Discovery Days at the GCC Center, providing local youth a hands-on experience with farm sensory bins. Committed to fostering connections between young people and agriculture, Annie has several future events planned in the communities GCC serves.

Through Annie's passionate leadership and engaging events, GCC remains dedicated to nurturing agricultural education. With such invaluable experiences, the future of agricultural education in our communities shines brighter than ever.

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