Spring is here!  Are you ready?

Spring is here! Are you ready?

May 17, 2024 | Garden City
With planting season upon us, the GCC Ag Tech Team wants to make sure you’re properly prepared!
Tissue Sampling

Tissue Sampling

Apr 12, 2024 | Garden City
April - it's not just for planting.  
Seeding Rx

Seeding Rx

Apr 01, 2024 | Garden City
Spring is just around the corner!  Time to start thinking about planting, and variable rate seeding is a great way to maximize your yield potential.  
Check Your Voting Status

Check Your Voting Status

Mar 01, 2024 | Garden City
Did you know we have two types of ownership at GCC? You can be a common stock owner or a participating stock owner, but you only have rights to vote at the meetings if you are a common stockholder.

A Rewarding Experience for you and your Equipment

Feb 16, 2024 | Garden City
It's the last month to stock up on Cenex's Gift Cards for Gallons promotion! 
Business Units & Splits Reminder

Business Units & Splits Reminder

Feb 09, 2024 | Garden City
As we approach the start of another busy agronomy season, we encourage all our customers to make time this winter to visit with your agronomist or with any of our Crop Production accounting staff to review current accounts as well as set up new accounts for landlords.

Harness the Power of Zone Mapping

Dec 08, 2023 | Garden City
Growers have been dealing with variability since the beginning of time but today they can harness the power of Zone Mapping to take back control of the variables.

Target Orders: A Valuable Tool in Grain Marketing

Dec 01, 2023 | Garden City
Integrating target orders into your marketing portfolio can be an excellent asset, they can be a valuable asset in any grain marketing plan.

Have you Moved?

Oct 27, 2023 | Garden City
Be sure to update your current address with us for your 1099 information.

Pre-Pay Deadline for Seed is Approaching

Oct 06, 2023 | Garden City
It's that time of year again when wheat drills are in the field and fall harvest is in full swing. In the world of agriculture, planning ahead is crucial, and booking your seed well in advance is a key part of that preparation.
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