Essential Practices for Optimal Crop Health: Pest Management and Post Harvest Weed Control

Jul 05, 2024

By Eric Konrade, Sales Manager/ Agronomist 

As we enter this critical phase of the agricultural season, the emergence of spider mites has already been observed in various regions, despite prior treatments. Effective field scouting will be paramount to monitor both mite populations and the presence of beneficial insects, crucial for implementing targeted management strategies. Historically, early intervention before corn pollen drop has proven most effective in mitigating mite damage, which can severely impact both crop yield and structural integrity at harvest.

Equally important is post-harvest weed control in wheat stubble, a practice integral to preserving soil moisture and preventing weed seed production. This dual approach focuses on addressing existing weed populations while preemptively managing potential future outbreaks. Timely herbicide applications, ideally before weeds surpass 4 to 6 inches in height, are essential for optimal efficacy against established weeds. Furthermore, the strategic use of residual herbicides not only minimizes the need for repeated applications but also plays a crucial role in controlling multiple weed flushes over the season. Of particular concern is the management of volunteer wheat, which not only conserves moisture but also curtails the spread of Wheat streak mosaic virus (WSM), safeguarding crop health and productivity.

By prioritizing proactive scouting, early intervention, and strategic herbicide management, agricultural practitioners can ensure healthier crops, greater yield stability, and sustainable farming practices throughout the season.

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