Estate Stock Redemption Deadline Fast Approaching

Mar 22, 2024

By Sheridan Gottsponer, Director Accountant

Estate stock redemptions are taken to the board for review semi-annually in April and October. The Garden City Co-op, Inc. shall redeem at par value to the authorized administrator of heirs, all stock belonging to the estate. All applications must be in writing and in no case will payment be made prior to eight months from date of death. Be sure to have your applications into the main office by April 10th, 2024.

If the estate wants the stock transferred to the heirs rather than cash, the amount of the stock to be transferred to the individuals are based on the percentage stipulated by the will or court documents. Upon transfer of the stock, the original date of issue is maintained.

To complete an estate redemption application or a transfer of stock application, please contact the main office at 620-275-6161 to speak with Chris Murphy or Kelly Drees.


Please update your current address with us for your 1099 information.  

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