Feb 21, 2024

By Trevor Witt, V.P. of Agronomy 

On February 6th, the US District Court for the District of Arizona vacated the federal registrations of Dicamba-based products Engenia, Tavium and XtendiMax.
Due to this ruling, all sales and inventory movements were demanded to halt all the way from the manufacturers to the farmer.

Over the next week everyone waited patiently on a ruling from the EPA on what could be done with existing inventory. On February 14th, the EPA issued an Existing Stocks Order for Dicamba Products Previously Registered for Over-the-Top Use on Dicamba-Tolerant Cotton and Soybeans.
What does this mean for GCC and its members?
With the existing stock order, GCC will be able to sell all inventory that we have in stock. All sales must be made by May 31st and application of those products must be done by June 30th. If you are a customer that relies on GCC or another custom applicator to apply these products, there must be an invoice made by May 31st.  We can then hold your product until it is ready to be applied in June.
GCC will not take any returns of Engenia, Tavium and XtendiMax after May 31st.
GCC should have plenty of supply to fulfill the needs of our customers. 2025 and beyond is completely unknown at this time. We will continue to update our members as we get new information.
Here is a link of the Existing Stock order from the EPA:  EPA Order for the Disposition of Existing Stocks


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