Soil Sampling

Feb 23, 2024

Know the Precise Needs of Your Field
By Kendra Oliphant, Ag Tech Specialist

Soil Sampling is a very important part of your field’s overall health. You don’t buy prescription eyeglasses when you don’t need them, right? So why would you just blanket spread fertilizers where you don’t need them? When you get your field soil sampled you know exactly what your field needs and where it needs it. Whether it’s nitrogen or phosphorous or any other type of fertilizer you can make the best decisions for your field. Sandier parts of your fields will leach nutrients faster than other types of soils, and clay soils are more prone to run-off; you’ll be able to see that. Knowledge is powerful, and the best way to know is to get your soil sampled.

Call your agronomist for more info.

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