Streamline Your Grain Management with Business Units

Jun 14, 2024

By Rachel Livermore, Grain Accounting Supervisor

Whether you have multiple fields, sections, or landlords, utilizing business units is an excellent way to help you keep track of your grain and easily settle it.

Business units are linked to your account and have the identifying information you need printed directly on your scale tickets. Plus, it enables us to run reports for you by unit, which can’t be done if the information is entered in remarks instead.

If you have questions regarding business units or need to modify existing units, don't hesitate to reach out to our office. We're more than happy to provide printed lists and assist with any adjustments.

Additionally, you can give these lists to drivers, so they’re able to give the scale operator the account name plus business unit at delivery. Drivers can also request new business units to be set up at delivery, although contacting our office beforehand can expedite the process and save them time on the scale. 
We can also set up grain splits by business unit, so let us know what the typical splits should be. While this is helpful, we will not split or settle grain to contracts without your verification so call or stop by our office to verify when ready after delivery. We’ll match your totals to ours to ensure we have accounted for all your grain and confirm your tickets are under the correct business units. This helps assure landlords get their share of grain that came from their fields. We’ll ask you to confirm exactly how to split your grain at settlement just in case there are special circumstances to consider such as on farm storage.

We appreciate your business and are dedicated to facilitating smooth grain accounting for your operation.  

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