Seize the Season and Price Corn Today

May 24, 2024

By Lindy McMillen, Dighton Area Grain Originator

Planting season has arrived, and with it brings a historically advantageous time to price corn. With the March planted acre estimates in our rearview mirror, the market now turns to looking at weather and potential yield. Markets tend to be more favorable for fall crops like corn and soybeans in the summer, when weather changes during this critical part of the growing season can create scares about the crop. This chart shows a 3-year and 5-year average of corn futures, as well as where the market is tracking so far this year. It is easy to see that corn typically puts in its highs during May and June, before settling down as the crop gets closer to “made.” Every marketing year is different and holds its own nuances, but looking at historical seasonal patterns can be a resource as you market your fall crops.

GCC offers a variety of ways to price your fall crops, including forward cash contracts, hedge-to-arrive contracts, specialty contracts and more. Reach out to a member of the grain team to learn more about what could be a fit for your bushels.


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