Summit Max Contract

Mar 15, 2024

By Michael Wisner, Vice President of Grain
Your GCC Grain Team is getting ready to launch enrollment for our Summit Max contract. This contract prices the daily high of December 2024 (new crop) corn futures and can be used to contract corn or milo.
This contract is unique and exciting because it prices the futures daily high of the day.  It does not matter where the futures price closes each day, the daily high is the price averaged into the contract.  You can contract 1,000 bushel increments as well.  This contract is a great tool to add diversification to your grain marketing portfolio.
Reach out to one of our grain originators or merchandisers to learn more and to see if this contract could be a good fit for your operation’s needs.  Sign up will run March 18th through the end of April, with the pricing window running May through mid-July 2024.

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