Soil Sampling

Feb 23, 2024 | Garden City
Soil Sampling is a very important part of your field’s overall health. Knowledge is powerful, and the best way to know is to get your soil sampled.  


Feb 21, 2024 | Garden City
On February 6th, the US District Court for the District of Arizona vacated the federal registrations of Dicamba-based products Engenia, Tavium and XtendiMax.   Due to this ruling, all sales and inventory movements were demanded to halt all the way from the manufacturers to...

A Rewarding Experience for you and your Equipment

Feb 16, 2024 | Garden City
It's the last month to stock up on Cenex's Gift Cards for Gallons promotion! 
Molz Cooperative Scholarship Taking Applications

Molz Cooperative Scholarship Taking Applications

Feb 12, 2024 | Garden City
Are you a graduating high school senior who has a parent who works for the Garden City Co-op? Maybe you have a parent or grandparent who is a farmer and does business with the Garden City Co-op? Perhaps you work for the co-op or are a member or the spouse of either and are loo...
Business Units & Splits Reminder

Business Units & Splits Reminder

Feb 09, 2024 | Garden City
As we approach the start of another busy agronomy season, we encourage all our customers to make time this winter to visit with your agronomist or with any of our Crop Production accounting staff to review current accounts as well as set up new accounts for landlords.

2024 Grain Marketing Meetings

Feb 02, 2024 | Garden City
Join us this February for an opportunity to gain timely and informative grain marketing advice and learn about the new GCC App. 

Winter Planning Factors for Maximizing Corn Yields

Jan 19, 2024 | Garden City
Successful crop management demands a strategic approach considering various factors that impact crop success and customized planning is essential for each farming operation. 
Finance Application Deadlines

Finance Application Deadlines

Jan 12, 2024 | Garden City
Please remember these following deadlines. 

Prevailing Winds of the Petroleum Market

Jan 05, 2024 | Garden City
Navigating the Tailwinds and Headwinds of the Petroleum Market. 
New App

New Mobile App Coming Soon!

Jan 02, 2024 | Garden City
New app with new features coming in February! 

Harness the Power of Zone Mapping

Dec 08, 2023 | Garden City
Growers have been dealing with variability since the beginning of time but today they can harness the power of Zone Mapping to take back control of the variables.

Target Orders: A Valuable Tool in Grain Marketing

Dec 01, 2023 | Garden City
Integrating target orders into your marketing portfolio can be an excellent asset, they can be a valuable asset in any grain marketing plan.



Take Care of Early Spring Weeds Before Planting

Jan 24, 2024 | Answer Plot
If you deal with winter or spring annual weeds in your fields, it's important to consider including a spring burndown herbicide application. Winter annuals, including marestail, resume growing as soon as temperatures get warm. Not only do they steal water and nutrients from t...

3 Tips to Optimize Pre-emergence Weed Control

Jan 03, 2024 | Answer Plot
Drought conditions, expanding herbicide resistance and limited herbicide availability mean you may not have achieved the weed control you expected last season. That could create more challenges for management this year, requiring a proactive plan to limit yield loss. Use these ti...

Use Response-To Fungicide Scores to Make Data-Based Decisions

Nov 28, 2023 | Answer Plot
Whether selecting which hybrids to plant or determining which fields to spray with fungicide, use response-to fungicide (RTF) scores to help inform your decisions. RTF scores can help you make tailored, hybrid-specific choices based on years of reliable yield data.  The V...

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Wheat Seed Treatment

Aug 11, 2023 | Answer Plot
When choosing wheat seed, making sure you have a high-quality seed treatment to protect your investment is an important step in the process. Here are three questions to consider when mapping out your wheat strategy.  1. Who’s Applying The Seed Treatment?  Th...


Explore the progress on the new River Valley Terminal construction site.


Inside The Co-op: Grain Originators

8/18/2022 8:43:44 PM

What does a grain originator do? What happens to grain once it's stored in an elevator? What's the difference between a basis price and a futures price? What's the difference between and old crop price and a new crop price? In this episode of "Inside the Co-op" we answer those questions by talking to Lindy McMillen, a grain originator here at GCC at our Dighton office. ...

Introducing Alpine Pro

7/6/2021 1:21:41 PM

Weather shouldn't add to your market volatility stress. GCC's Alpine Pro Contract is unique in offering a provision that allows a farmer to be released from the contract in cases of verified crop failure. ...

Camelina Field Day Tours: Triangle H & Schmeeckle Farms

5/13/2021 4:43:20 PM

Mike Karst from Sustainable Oils, GCC staff, and area farmers gathered for a tour of Camelina fields being grown at Triangle H and Schmeeckle Farms. The crop is being grown as a trial, to ultimately be purchased by ExxonMobil as a renewable diesel source. For more information about Camelina visit: ...

Molz Cooperative Scholarship NOW AVAILABLE for the 2021- 2022 school year

2/12/2021 4:41:41 PM

Through the generosity of Otis & Mary Lee Molz - the Garden City Community College is offering up to 6 FULL RIDE scholarships to students if you are a Co-op member or employee or an immediate family member of either. To apply, fill out the application here: Answer the questions given on a separate word document and send them to: ...